Mission & Values

Mission Statement

The administration, faculty, and staff of the Coral Gables Adult Education Center believe that: together we strive towards physical, intellectual and moral development; such development can best be achieved through purposeful change and progressive learning; the role of the instructor is to facilitate students in the process of learning. Students are required to actively participate in the learning process, to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to learning and to adhere to school policies and procedures. Everyone regardless of age, religion, creed, ethnic origin, race, sex, language or economic, social or physical circumstances is entitled to learn.


Coral Gables Adult Education Center makes available to members of our community a wide range of learning opportunities to help them achieve their educational goals.  Whether it’s learning English, becoming computer literate, completing high school coursework, or just learning for personal growth and enrichment, Coral Gables Adult Education Center has lots to offer.

EXCELLENCE – We pursue the highest standards in academic achievement and organizational performance.

INTEGRITY – We build positive relationships through honesty, respect, and compassion, which enhance the self-esteem, safety, and well-being of our students, families, and staff.

EQUITY – We foster an environment that serves all students and aspires to eliminate the achievement gap.

CITIZENSHIP – We honor the diversity of our community by working as a team to ensure the educational success of all our students and recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities to promote democratic principles.